Anyone can teach their cat to stand up!

Difficulty: Easy

Verbal Command: Up!

Hand Signal: Point up

Get those paws off the ground!

In order to start the trick, hold the treat between your thumb and middle finger so that your pointer finger can remain upwards. Flick your finger upwards, say “Up!”, and raise the treat slightly above his nose.  Reward when a paw or two comes slightly off the ground.  Be patient if he doesn’t offer the behavior at first: give him time to think on it before lowering the treat.

Increase the height

Once kitty is comfortable raising his paws off the ground, start raising the treat so that he must sit fully erect to reach the treat. Start moving the cue closer to your body so that you can stand straight when asking for the trick.

Increase Balance

If your cat can successfully sit erect with his paws off the ground, it’s time to build his muscles and work on balancing skills. Start hesitating a moment before giving the treat. If he breaks the command too soon, calmly ask for the behavior again and reward him for any slight increase in holding time. Start with small increments before asking to sit up for long periods.

  • Bonus Points: Get that butt off the ground!

Your kitty can already sit on his haunches with his front legs off the ground and balance, so let’s make it a bit harder! This time when the cat sits on his haunches, you will use the treat to lure him to stand on his back feet. Reward him for trying! The previous step should help him gain the strength, but he’ll likely be wobbly at first. When asking for this, try repeatedly pointing up while saying “All the way!”. Apply Step 3 to this position to build his muscles!


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